Thursday, February 19, 2009

We went to SSF to buy a few things for my hantaran last weekend.. i have to stop doing my hantaran as i've run out of supplies.. and now im happy to say im 70% done.. YEAY!! that's not bad for an amateur like me

the polystyrenes are all wrap nicely with a thin layer of sponge and chiffon and decorated with ribbons.. all the flowers are arrange nicely and tied with beads..

i need to visit SSF again to get more ribbons..

what's left now is just to glue to flowers arrangement to the polystyrenes.. put in the hantaran item and walla~~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things added to our to do list

1. wedding dress

they are all lovely, i think i want them all.. whehehehe.. honey is going to get major headache on the day we have to decide on the wedding dress.. enough said~

2. wedding cake
Do we want a traditional, classic or modern cake? What flavor would be best? I love choc, but a colleague told me that choc would not be a good idea as we could have some cake stuck in between the teeth and it would be disaster for photoshoot. hehe. but i know i want a 3 tier wedding cake. that's good enough aight?

Monday, February 9, 2009

We might have a long way to go until the day arrives, but I’m excited and I want to settle as much as possible so we won’t be so stressed comes the day.

So far, we’ve confirmed the date, booked the hall, discussed with the wedding planner and booked the photographer.

Now, we are in the midst of planning the following items:

How many hantaran for each side?
We only have a few items left to hunt for each side. I still need to hunt for his wedding band, fragrance set, his shoes, set sejadah & songkok. he’s so choosy when it comes to shoe. I’ve shown him like hundred of shoes and he didn’t like any of them.. and I think he would’ve said the same about me.. adoi perfect match I guess

Theme color for our wedding reception in Ipoh and Terengganu.
I know what I want on my side and thankfully honey agrees with me on this. theme color will be informed soon.

Theme color for the family.
This is difficult. I don’t plan to get them to wear any special color; I really don’t want to burden everyone with this but I know some of them are willing to buy new clothes for my wedding. So I’ve decided on Gray/Silver.
For honey family, any color would do. I’ll let him decide on that.

Guest list
This is giving me headache. Knowing my parents, they would love to invite everyone they know. For instance my stepfather will invite his entire so called VIP friend which I’ve never met in my entire life. I guess I shattered his dreams as I told him I planned to have a small wedding of max 400 immediate and close family and friends. Take that. When I said family and friend, I mean family and friend and 400 means 400.

We think we can put this on hold first.

Legal matter

Door gift
We are thinking of cupcakes. Ooowhh, how I would love to order those cute cupcakes in colors that match our wedding theme with our name/initial on top. We need to do more survey on this.

That’s all we can think of so far. We’ll be adding more to the list soon. Im emotionally overwhelmed

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lynn is married~~ Congratulation Pn Herlena Shee.. i wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you find your happy ending with your love one.

Lynn and Al marriage proves miracle do happen. Who would have thought that they are going to end up together? I’m happy that you’ve found your true love. The solemnization took place in N9. Most of us are there.

The wedding reception takes place in Dewan Tun Rahah. It was a beautiful wedding :)

Cam-whoring is what we do best during gathering like this. It’s not everyday we got to meet up and catch up on each other life..

I believe these pictures speak thousand word. Enjoy~

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our progress

We just got back from Ipoh and is happy to say that we’ve book the wedding planner and the photographer for our wedding.

We are using Nasha Boutique service for the wedding. The package includes the hall decoration, the wedding dress and make up. We’ve decided to use Janggut Touch to capture our memorable day as we’ve seen the result of their work. Both are recommended by Na.

To celebrate this, we bought a quart of Baskin Robbins ice cream (mint choc chip, gold medal ribbon and Jamoca Almond Fudge flavour). Finished within an hour by cik Metot, icam totet, my love, myself and my parent.