Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chicken Rice!!

Been planning to cook chicken rice since last week but it got delay as I was not feeling well. so today we had home made chicken rice for lunch!! and dinner.. and most probably for breakfast and dinner tomorrow hahaha.. since Na won't be able to make it, we had the whole chicken to ourself!! sweet~

p/s: bilalah my other half nak sambung pasal Bali trip dia tuh.. ehhhmmm~~

Friday, October 29, 2010


Bored with the same background, i've finally find the time to revamp this blog. I'm sticking to white and red as this is our wedding theme and i totally dig this 2 colors combination!

This layout and design is best view in chrome, although i don't see any different in IE except for the missing semi transparent background for the sidebars. I haven't test this via Safari or Firefox, hope there won't be much different there as well~

I hope you guys like it!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Hong Kong wait for us!

17 days to go!! yups it's getting closer and i'm all excited! HK wait for me!! ok, i have no intention to brag or anything.. i just wanna share with you guys this one cool apps i installed in my iphone for my HK trip~ eh, make that two apps :)

They are Hong Kong City Walks and HK 720o. Why are they so cool?

City Walks provide detailed and fully functional city maps!! We can bookmark those locations we want to visit.. it even have movement auto tracking so we know exactly where we are..We can use this to explore the city and locate places we want to go!! Cool!!

HK 720o is super cool cause it is loaded with a 720o virtual tour of HK. We can view videos, read about tourist site and provide Cantonese phrases to make getting around HK easier. Just like City Walk, HK 720 can locate our position and locate places we want to go in Google Maps.

i'm soo happy i took some time to browse through iTunes at work today hihihi i even created one folder just for this upcoming holiday.

p/s: chawanna, jom compare checklist.. kot-kot ada termiss must see attraction plak~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's our secret!!

wanna know why out of sudden i updated my blog with Wondergirls video and lyrics?? Remember this post Glamfest 2010??

uh-huh.. i was one of the selected one to perform this during the Glamfest this year.. and to tell you the truth i believe my name will be "the selected" one every year!! dang!!

today is the 2nd practice session with our choreographer and we are struggling.. the dance looks sooo simple and yet it was sooo complicated as you have to move both arms and legs at the same time.. and if that's not confusing enough, you have to remember which arm or leg to move first.. while doing all that, try counting your steps while trying to catch the beat.. hahaha i seriously look like one retarded clown.. 

the "best" part is, on top of all that we have to act and lip-sing in Korean!! not sure if i can do this.. 

p/s: don't tell a soul, k? this is suppose to be a secret~!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BALI - Day 1 ( 14-10-10)

BALI - this was the 2nd company trip since I joined the company back in 2006. The 1st was HK back in 2008. During this time, we were divided into 2 groups, which will depart to Bali on Oct and Nov 2010. Since I have plan on Nov, I decided to join the Oct Group which has only 19 participant. The flight to Bali was on 14th Oct 2010 @ 1055 hrs @ LCCT. As I was given the task to book the cab from our office to LCCT in the morning, I decided to contact Hadi (my cousin) and Hafiz (my officemate) to transport us to LCCT @ 0730 hrs. 10 of us gathered at the office and hitched in Hadi's Ixora and Hafiz's Wish.

We reached Ngurah Rai airport at around 1355 hrs, we were welcomed by Pak Adnan and guided us to our bus.

We headed to Rumah Makan Wong Solo Ayam Bakar for late lunch. The menu was quite simple and not bad at all. We had rice with Ayam Bakar, Garumi Bakar (fish) veggies and superb sambal belacan. The signature drink for this restaurant is Jus Poligami! According to Pak Adnan, Jus Poligami got its name by its maker who practiced polygamy (more than 1 wife!). But, from the taste of the juice, we could tell that it was a mixed juice.

We headed to J Boutique Hotel located in Kuta, just walking distance from Kuta Town. We had our own time before we were picked up for dinner @ 1930 hrs. We headed to one of the seafood place in town (can't remember the name) but the food are not really interesting to talk bout!

After dinner, we went to one of the famous souvenir shop in Bali - Krisna (Rumah Kaos Bali). This place rocks! Very cheap souvenir and good quality. U can find most of Bali souvenir here starting from fridge magnet, tshirt and clothing, woodcraft and even painting at quite reasonable price! I shopped some tshirts and stuffs as I started to take out Rupiahs from my wallet.

Rp100,000 burned!

As we headed back to the hotel, the plan was to go out again to see the nightlife of Bali but ended up


- End of Day 1-

Friday, October 22, 2010


You Know I still Love You Baby
And it will never change

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo nigaanimyeon silheo

I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Nan silheunde wae nar mir eonaeryeogohani jakku naemareun deutji anhgo
Wae ireohge dareun namjaege narbonaeryeo hani eotteohge ireoni

Nar wihae geureoh dan geumar
Neonbujok hadaneun geumar
Ijen geuman haeneon nareur aljanha wae won hajido anhneun georgang yohae

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Nan joheun de nan haengbok hande neoman isseu myeondwae deo baral geeopt neunde
Nugur mannaseo haengbok haran geoya nan neor tteonaseo haengbok harsueopseo

Nar wihae geureoh dan geumar
Neonbujok hadaneun geumar
Mari andoeneun mari ran georwae molla niga eopsi eotteohge haengbokhae

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silh eo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You

Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don't want nobody body body.I don't want nobody body
Naneun jeongmar niga animyeon niga animyeon silhdan maryaa~

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
Nandareun sarameun silheo niga animyeon silheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Modeunge neomuna kkumman gatatdeon geuttaero doragago sipeunde
Waejakku nareur mireo naeryeohae

Why do you push me away. I don't want nobody nobody

Nobody nobody but you.

p/s: this is not the real wondergirls!! i wish i can dance like this *sigh*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Project Salt Water Aquarium - Part 2

pagi ahad, sekali lagi dia bangun awal. excited sebab dah boleh start isi segala macam mak nenek dalam filter dia. first attempt letak air je, partition2 tu semua tercabut sebab tak dapat menampung pressure air. kesian! lama jugak la dia bertarung nak settlekan problem partition tu.. sampai aku pun naik tension! lepas tu kitaorg g rumah baby lah, singgah rumah na la.. on the way ke rumah na, singgah kedai akuarium kat danau kota tu beli pump. dia beli 2 pump, satu nak turunkan air ke luar and satu lagi nak naikkan air masuk dalam akuarium.  balik2 je dari midvalley, semakin excited dia nak start pump air. godek punya godek, siap la akhirnye!!

lega la konon sebab dah siap. pasang2 je pump tu, mula2 cam cantik je dia nye flow. tapi bila dah lama, air kat akuarium tu jadi makin sikit and air dalam filter box tu semakin banyak sebab dia beli pump, satu pressure kuat, satu lagi slow sikit. punya la lambat reaction pak cik ni sampai air akuarium tu dah hampir nak kering. bila air kat dalam filter tu dah nak melimpah, dua2 ekor panic. pastu en husband plak pandai, pegi tutup filter yang nak anta air masuk balik dalam akuarium tu! mmg melimpah2 la air dalam filter tu!! nasib aku cerdik jugak nak tutup filter satu lagi... satu keje lagi nak lap lantai plak. kalau air tawar takpe, air masin pulak tu! pastu menyesal kenapa tak beli filter sama jek.. pikir punya pikir akhirnye dia buat filter system biasa jek sementara mencari idea nak menjayakan filter system impian dia.

keputusan akhir: mission failed.

p/s: tatau la bila dia nak resume project dia ni.. macam akan tergendala je lagi. angan angan taik ayam betul la!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuti bersalin bergaji penuh 90 hari - Panas!!

Bestnye dapat 90 hari.. i jeles.. there's no mention about this for us :(
anyways, just wanna share this comment made by one govt servant!! Panas ni weh!!

semua lelaki that work in govt sector fikir camni ke eh? ke org2 swasta pun sama?? although aku ada terfikir, mesti ada descrimination against women in private sector kalau benda ni pun apply to us!

p/s: siap nak panjangkan perkara ni kat YB tak tahan tu.. nak potong cuti to 30 days pulak.. annoying but entertaining!!

Project Salt Water Aquarium

Dah beberapa bulan akuarium salt water kami terbiar, blame the lazy husband. lepas momo dan si biru membunuh diri, dibiarkan je akuarium tu. nak jenguk pun tak sampai hati sebab ikan tinggal 3 ekor jek. lepas tu pump pulak rosak, lagi la takde mood dia nak mengodek-godek akuarium tu!! so hasilnye, segala macam rumpai laut berkumpul kat batu tu dah macam hutan banat.. ikan2 tengok pun ngeri!! nasib si poppy tu tak bunuh diri.. tapi crabby jadi semakin depressed sampai sanggup membunuh diri!! yahooo leh la aku menternak udang plak dalam tu.. sebelum ni segala macam udang abis kene makan dengan crappy si hermit crab. pandai buang bukti plak tu!! curi2 makan udang dekat belakang batu.. ingat aku tak nampak la kan!!

pagi sabtu, husbandku bangun awal giler.. sampai zohor jugak la dia dok bersihkan akuarium and bancuh air baru.. lepas tu kitaorg pegi shopping, ikan2 dia biarkan dalam besen kecik tu jek.. kesian jek ikan2 tu. aku dok risau kot2 ikan2 dalam tu mati. tapi en husband confident cakap selamatnye dorg tu.. so dengan senang hati aku ajak pegi mines. saja nak jenjalan.. kakaka.. dah pukul 9 mlm baru balik!! so lambat la dia start berkerja. dia just sempat buat partition tuk filter dia je. time dia tengah buzy ni la aku dok curi2 buat kad anniversary tu. dan malam tu jugak si goby berjaya membunuh diri!! hahaha walaupun dah ditutup besen tu dengan paper, dia jumpa jugak lubang nak melompat keluar.. betul la orang kata dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan.. time kitaorg sedar tu memang dah keras kejung jek kat atas lantai.. so ikan pun tinggal la dua.

p/s: to be continue~~ guwa mengantuk giler neh.. penat layan si kura-kura tadi!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Celebration of Love!

i'm not lying but this is how we celebrate our first anniversary!! 

nothing fancy.. we started the day hanging with friends. we had lunch at baby's place with ilah, reen and her husband. reen was over the moon cause the husband is finally home for good.
then we stop by Na's apartment and i got to play with my cute lil niece, baby Aqilah si kura kura. we cancel our plan to dine at Tamarind Spring and head over to midvalley to have dinner at Amarin Thai. Since both of us are still full (we had heavy lunch cause baby’s a good cook) and we are in midvalley, we window shop instead.. haha and before heading back home, we bought 2 pieces of cake and Mc Ds. in case we got hungry~~ and continue with honey’s project (something I’ll write in my next post)

disappointed?? dont be, cause i'm happy i got to spend my whole life with someone i love!

p/s: those are hand made cards. i made mine when he's busy with his aquarium while he made his card in the morning, hiding beside the couch cause he didn't want me to take a peek..

Monday, October 11, 2010


We have been married for a year!! Rasa macam baru je lagi pening2 nak organize wedding kitaorg.. gaduh2 ngan wedding planner over the dias.. hahaha looking back to that day, i can say that it was the most perfect day for me. PERFECT!! walaupun banyak benda2 yang tak selancar or tak sama macam yg kitaorg request.

to my husband, thank you for being the perfect husband :) sanggup melayan kerenah i yang kadang2 agak sewel! just know that i love u more each day~~ despite all the small fight ;p

Forever yours,

p/s: i'll blog bout our celebration in the next post!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Disclaimer:Testing ini tidak melibatkan haiwan atau manusia yang masih hidup atau pun mati!!

Seperti yang dijanjikan, mari kita lihat hasil testing speedlite 270EX tu. Testing ni aku buat dalam pukul 8pm lepas balik kerja sebab time tu takde cahaya matahari.. so takde la anasir2 luar yang influence result testing kali ni.. 

Shutter 1/30, ISO 400 and Aperture 3.5

Shutter 1/60, ISO 400, Aperture 3.5

amacam? kecik2 cili padi ye 270EX ni.. tak perlu aku ckp banyak, tengok gambar pun boleh nampak!! 

p/s: tension giler nak edit gambar sbb takde editing software!! busuk hati nye IT pegi remove admin right dlm laptop aku!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Blogging from my phone... Bare with me ye... Bdk baru belajar ;)
Budak IT Jakun

- Edited -

Breaking Dawn

It's official.. budak kecik comel ni will play Renesmee (Bella and Edward's daughter) in Breaking Dawn.. 
Mackenzie Foy
(source from here)

Tak sabar nak tunggu Breaking Dawn keluar!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glamfest 2010 plak dah~

Glamfest dah semakin dekat.. and as expected, email kat bawah ni pun sampai ke inbox aku!! last year it was "you're the chosen one".. this year "you're the lucky one". hish, tak paham kenapa tahun ni aku terpilih lagi tuk buat performance.. tak jemu ke dorg ni tgk muka sama jek every year!!

and according to my trusted source, this year performance is worst than last year.. tak tau la performance apa lagi since meeting pun tak attend lagi.. tapi aku tak berminat nak active tahun ni.. tahun ni hanya mau enjoy bersama rakan2 sekalian alam...
so... sapa ada idea alasan apa aku leh kasi nak escape performance kali??

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iPhone 4

Semalam cerita pasal speedlite, today I’m writing about another gadget that has been in my wish list since few months back!  None other than iPhone4!!
Yes, I’ve joined the iphone club.. why?? Because everyone around me is using one and I love the new sleek and sexy design!!
Plan mula2 nak grab this phone at the end of this month, konon2 nak tunggu for my next salary so I won’t feel so guilty nak spend duit especially since I’ve bought polarized filter and speedlite. Then I read the comments in Maxis and Digi FB page, semua ckp most outlet mmg dah sold out. Baru berapa hari launch dah sold out, kalau tunggu end of Oct tatau la cemana kan?
Last2 I give in. Friday night before watching Magika, I went into Machines outlet in IOI Puchong. Sold out. Sedih betul! Then I texted Hizam, and dia dgn baik hatinye call Maxis tanya and was told that they do not have new stock for the whole Asean country! Boleh ke camtu?
So mlm tu jugak aku pujuk cik abg, esok mau pegi klcc!! Nasib dia amat memahami.. arigatoooo :* muahs! Tapi as expected mmg takde stock masa aku sampai. Dorg ckp, if I really want to grab one, I have to be there earlier, around 8.30 am. Tak dapat la kan aku nak tercongok depan klcc tu, especially over the weekend kan. My sleep is moreee precious!  Terpaksa la masuk waiting list, which mean I have to wait for a week for my iphone.
Lepas tu terus pegi open house tuk sessi menggemukkan badan! Around 5pm, when we were in Senawang Negeri Sembilan, I received a call from the agent. They have a unit available for me if I want it! Excited la mek ni, rasa nak loncat2. Tak sedar diri yang kitaorg ni kat N9! And we have to be in Maxis KLCC before 6.30. Keje giler! Kete kemain byk masa nk blk satu hal, yang bawak slow gile tp nak drive in speeding lane satu hal lagi! Tension betul.. around 6.15 baru sampai smart tunnel. Gelabah dah aku, Jln Tun Razak tu selalu mmg jam!! Tp nasib aku mmg baik sbb tak jam plak time aku sampai kt Jln Tun Razak tu.. last2 sampai klcc right on time, tu pun sbb cik abg drop me right in front of maxis.. hahah
Akhirnye dapat jugak iphone4 idaman kalbu~~

P/s:  This has nothing to do with HK trip!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Speedlite 270EX

Hong Kong ticker kat sebelah tu tinggal 40 hari jek lagi.. tak sabarnyeee nak cuti!!! sbb nak pergi bercuti ke Hong Kong, semangat semakin berkobar2 la nak menyambar speedlite.. hahaha giler semangat! tp aku mimpi nak beli 270EX tu jek.. since aku pun beginner kan, tak perlu lah nak perabis duit kat speedlite mahal.. kalau tak reti pakai, hasil tak da bomb, bazir duit jek aku rasa.. 

so last week, aku buzz na.. aku tau dia mesti rajin nak turun kl, tak mcm cik abg aku ni.. seboleh-bolehnye tanak g area2 sg wang dan yg sewaktu dgnnye.. hasilnye??


hari sabtu aritu jugak dia keluar mendapatkan speedlight aku neh.. hahaha pantas kan?