Saturday, July 13, 2019

Happy 1st birthday no Three!!!

Happy birthday Cik Pickle~~!!

Enjoy your special day little one. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.

I will forever hold you hand
I promise to always love you in whoever you decide to be and I promise to be there for you when you need me to be. Love you 3000 Nayla!!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Well deserved holiday~~!

Our first holiday with 3 kids!! I seriously can't remember the last time we went for holiday.. Japan is our last oversea holiday.. that was like 4 years back.. the last holiday is our Legoland trip, 2 years ago when I was 9 weeks pregnant.. miahhaha riding the roller coaster with no.3 still in first trimester.. fun time! then we are busy preparing for our move, then arwah ayah Maliki fall sick, my pregnancy with no three.. so this is a well deserved break for us..

it's all about the sun, the sand and the sea.. the kids loves it.. we need a repeat since I didn't get to play around as much this time around.. we'll see you again next year Cherating~~

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Broken wrist

I've never been hospitalized in my whole life, apart from when I welcome my babies.. and I broke this record when I broke my wrist a few days before CNY..

I was determined to stay active after baby no.3 huhuhu it normally took me almost a year before I started excercising but I wanted to start early this time.. so on top of running, I opt to start rollerblading so I can burn some calories while spending time with the kids.. once I got the hang of it, we started to get competitive that sometimes we end up racing each other.. and that Saturday night it ended up with a bad fall..

I thought I jusy dislocate my wrist since the pain wasn't that bad~ in fact I asked dear husband to pull my hand to pop them back in muahahahaha but that doesn't seem to work.. so we went to the clinic after a nice relaxing shower.. the doctor asked me to go to the hospital since he's 99% sure that my wrist are broken ahahahaha and the look ok his face when I told him I had a bad fall while rollerblading with Mika.. priceless!! I'm not that old doc!!
So I found myself in Columbia Asia Puchong at 12am Sunday morning, the MO on duty was young.. kind and ehem handsome~ AIA seriously suck cause I have to wait for hours for their GL for my admission.. the doc was worried about the pain I'll be in since I wanted to wait at home cause the kids are sleeping in the car.. he patch me up with temporary cast and get me on pain med via IV.. i went home with the syringe still intact on my hand.. no point of taking it out and putting it back later.. 

we reached home at 5AM.. went to bed and woke up to a call from the hospital to remind us of our appointment at 8AM.. It was an informal consultation with Dr Feisal. He adviced me to get the operation right away instead of waiting for another 2 weeks as suggested by the MO.. cause I'll be in pain for 2 weeks then more pain after the surgery.. i was conflicted cause we have planned to go on holiday for the week.. miahahaha i ended up agreeing to the procedure at 2pm the same day.. i was admitted right away, dear husband went back with the kids to pack a few stuff leaving me to fend for myself.. getting myself into the hospital gown with a broken wrist is a lot of work and pain..
honestly, i am not scared of the pending surgery until the anaesthetist told me about the risk of general anesthesia!! Hahahaha but the nurses was so friendly.. we chat while waiting for everyone.. he reminded me to recite some doa before putting on the oxygen mask on me.. i remember them chatting about the broken radio, how it's too quiet without music.. i fall asleep in less than a few seconds, waking up to the nurse calling me.. i had hard time to open my eyes, going back to sleep a few times until i heard the nurse saying,"akak ni always stops breathing bila tido" ahaha that really get to me, i force my eyes open and to stay awake.. pandai korang!
Then we are stuck in the hospital for 3 days.. got myself uninterrupted sleep that night since I cant breastfeed Nayla for the next 24 hours.. thats like the silver lining to the whole incident.. my first uninterrupted sleep in the last 7 years!! And i got a break from Mommy duties for the next 6 weeks.. no dirty diapers, yeah!!

We check out after 3 days.. and decided to continue with our holiday plan.. we spend the next 3 days in cherating.. the kids were having a blast while i watch them with throbbing and itching arm! The days are freaking hot, kids insist on staying on the beach until noon, I was sweating like crazy and yet I cant wash my injured hand which are wrapped with a gauze!! *shudder* 

Broken wrist.. the sun and the sea is how we spent our CNY holiday this year~~!!