Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Konsert 1 Wajah M Nasir

Event : Konsert 1 Wajah M Nasir
Date : 25th July 2009
Time : 8.30 PM
Venue : Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Tickets : Rm53, RM83, RM 153 & RM253

Ticketing @ http://www.tickethotline.com.my/events/konsert-satu-wajah-mnasir/

Monday, June 29, 2009


This post is the continuation of yesterday post.. haha remember the cucur sotong? sebab tak puas hati i cooked dinner for honey and myself the next day!!

the menu?
ikan sadin
sotong goreng tepung
pak choy in oyster sauce

the result?
plus a happy and satisfied couple.. sorry takde pulak gambar kami gembira kekenyangan ;p

and today i received my 250G hard disk from Axon for my 1yr service award!! cantik oooo hardisk i.. jgn jeles cik abg ;p dot2 tu ada lampu oooo~~~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bukit Tinggi adventure

finally i've made it to Bukit Tinggi.. haha mcm jauh je nk pegi anyway this is an adhoc plan made by my other half and his colleague for the weekend..

their main reason is to take picture.. and my main reason are to learn how to use my toy :) we agreed to meet at BP at 3 but somehow we arrived around 3.30 hehe sorry Teoh.. Maliki la want to eat first!! hihihi and we reach there at around 4.30.. first stop was the Japanese Garden.. we have to climb a very steep hill to reach the garden.. this is my one and only workout session for that week.. oopps~

both Jenn and i rent the Kimono and posed for our photog around the garden.. eh, i tot im supposed to learn how to take picture not how to pose kan? haha no prob, im all too happy to be the model of the day ;p

as it started to drizzle, we make our way to Colmar the French village.. whee.. im so happy cause i've been seeing picture of my friend going there.. i wish we stay overnight.. bestnye kalau dpt stay kat situ.. honey, one of these day we have to go again ok honey? we can't do much here as it started to drizzle..

we left around 7, hunting for tom yam haha initially we wanted to go to Klang for seafood but since it's too far we agreed to go for Tom Yam in Sri Gombak.. due to some technical difficulty (Amir accidently take the wrong turn, we end up on Duke!! ), we reach Sri Gombak 2 1/2 hours later.. hahahah kalau g Klang pun dah sampai ;p

the food sucks accept for Pari Bakar (thanks to the delicious sambal).. the sotong masak tepung looks more like cucur sotong.. hish!! and the portion is soooo2 small.. we ordered for 2 people and there's only what? 12 pieces? lucky i was so happy about the trip i dont complain much bout the food.. plus i dont want to make amir and the wife feel bad for choosing this place.. altho honey did say he will never feel guilty kikiki..

so enjoy the picture y'all :)

the climb!

Japanese GardenThe "bersopan" Geisha ;p

The not so "bersopan" Japanese!

Colmar Tropicale.. the happy kid playing with the cold water!!

yeay!! we're in Bukit Tinggi at last!

Monday, June 22, 2009

dream shattered part 2??

Remember this post Dream shattered? That's part one.this is a different dream totally!! and since i managed to get the hall in the end, i'm hoping that i'll get to wear my dream dress on my wedding day.. *sigh

I’ve done a lot of survey on wedding dress even before we decided to get married.. so when the day arrives, I have a design in mind. Unfortunately, I have to forgo the dress I fell in love with because it’s not a traditional dress and I can foresee my mom’s reaction upon seeing the dress. No offense honey, but I don’t think you’ll agree to my choice either haha

so I settle on my second best.. with a picture of that dress in mind, I search high and low for the lace right here in Malaysia due to the lack of fund to fly off to Jakarta for it.. mind you, it’s the most difficult search ever hehe cause I saw ilah’s sister in law kebaya for her akad nikah and I love it!! I gave up on my dream dress, I’m not gonna give up on my dream lace!! honey was patient enough to follow me to all the textile shop that cross my path.. Thank you!

So finally last month, I found the lace of my dream!! It’s a bit pricey but I really really love it!

We went back last weekend to send it to the tailor and this evening she text me, informing me the lace I bought is not enough… huh??? Just my luck, heee! I complaint to honey and after further discussion, we decided to go for a different design as I’m not willing to part with more $$.. Obviously my dream dress came to mind! I sent him the picture forewarning him that he might not like the design. To my surprise he loves it! I so love u!!

Finger cross, I’m gonna email the picture to my tailor and I really hope they can make it!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mari makan doroyan!

i had a fun weekend back home in Ipoh dgn bdk2 busuk 2 org tu..

what we did over the weekend?

mostly playing facebook hahah we take turn as my laptop was the only one with Internet connection.. Thanks to honey.. sian dia penat keje..

later that nite, we went to hunt for Durian... weee i like.. 3 hantu durian in a mission.. and we drag the durian-hater along.. eheheh.. then singgah Tesco to get some groceries for mom.. although kejap je masuk tesco, bila blk tu.. wah bau durian kuat giler.. heheh tension cik abg saya.. nasib tak pengsan kan..
3 hantu in action!!
The next day are spent lazying around the house.. tgk dorg men facebook again!! then we went to Nasha Boutique and pegi cari ceiling fan.. merata jugak la mencarinye.. dr Giant to Tesco and finally i found this one electrical shop that offer a good price for a good brand..

Petangnye.. operasi membaiki kipas yg telah rosak.. pelakon utama = Maliki haha tapi takde hasil kan? since one of the fan is soaking wet from the rain.. and satu lagi capasitornye telah rosak (this is according to honey).. pastu hujan pun turun dgn lebatnye.. and i have this great idea nak mandi hujan.. icam pun bkn main excited lagi.. setuju je nk basuk keretaku sekali.. hahah turn out cik metot pun join sekali..

soaking wet sbb mandi hujan dulu!!
this is how we wash the roof top haha.. almaklumlah, kurang tinggi semuanye
Lupa pulak nak amik gambar keretaku yang berkilat2
Last day pulak, bangun lambat. bgn2 je terus bercucuk tanam kaka.. pastu g keluar mencari air kelapa and ice cream.. pastu sempat la marah bdk icam tu sbb tak habiskan keje sekolah lagi, and paksa dia buat sbb dia ckp tatau nk buat camne.. end up, ajar dia buat maths heheh sampai menitiskan air mata dia buat kira2 heheh mana taknye.. metot syok men facebook and im going back in half an hour.. menangis nk men facebook la tu kiki..
on the way blk KL, hujan pulak turun so my car is not so berkilat anymore.. hish saket hati!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

proud sister~~!!

adik saya sudah besar and maturing :) im sooooo proud of her!! tak percaya? go n read her blog ( Cik Totty).. i particularly love this entry my angel.my soul.my happiness.my heaven.my everything

rasa mcm baru je lagi ajak dia pindah bilik sbb kesian.. haih cepatnye masa berlalu!! metot kalau nyah jadi blk weekend ni kita g sopping cardigan kamu kat parade yeh ;p

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach partayyy!!

this is a bit outdated but stay tuned for pictures from the Beach Party organized by me.. yes ME!! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


aku benganggg!! hishhh tak pernah aku complaint pasal keje kat sini kan.. this will be my first and hopefully my last..

it's almost 12am and im still working.. yup and im not a workaholic people.. its just that im soo f*&#%ing unlucky dpt colleague tak leh harap.. sakit jiwa betul la!!! i worked my ass off developing that looongggg report and smlm dpt tau kene tukar structure.. tgh2 aku buat changes, boss pulak tanya aku ada ticket ke tak.. obviously i have a few ticket since juniorku tak leh harap nak amik ticket2 ni kan.. byk betul lemak.. dh masuk berapa bln pn tak reti2 nk pickup ticket.. so boss suruh pass report kat mak cik tu.. dia pn ok2 boleh je.. siap kipas boss aku ckp nk blk lambat and dtg awal today just for that report.. but when i login last nite to continue making those changes.. guess what i saw? last change was at 7:03.. that's the time we left to get our car.. cam haram tak?

dgn sakit hatinye aku continue buat.. hari ni aku dtg awal nk g gym.. mak cik tu tak dtg lagi.. lepas gym, aku tgk mak cik tu tak login pn lagi kat system SCOMI tu.. wtf? serious aku rasa nk bunuh je mak cik tu.. aku pn g la login buat jugak.. aku abaikan je ticket2 dlm queue aku..

the best part, masa nk g lunch aku logoff sbb nk suruh dia sambung.. since the deadline is today.. hoping boleh la nk catch deadline.. sejam aku keluar lunch.. 2 line je dia add.. bengang ke tak?

heee.. kalau tanak keje.. tak yah keje.. suruh laki ko tanggung.. tak yah menyusahkan org.. benciiiiiiii dpt colleague cam neh.. esok aku nk balas dendam.. suruh dia pickup ticket.. selamat la jgn harap aku nk tlg..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

lolita lempicka fanatic~!!

yes i am!!

my first collection was bought in 2004, as a birthday present from honey. it was love at the first smell.. haha boleh ke?? and i soo love the bottle, pale mauve bottle - overlaid with a crystalline and silver design and inset with Swarovski crystal!!
the first fragrance
my 2nd bottle was bought in 2007 when honey went to Switzerland.. and its limited edition!! by this time we are unable to find this brand in Malaysia.. im disappointed as i wanted to have the set for my hantaran :(
2nd collection

and recently, honey went to Dubai and bought this to be added to my collection.. weeee~~ i love u honey.. the forbidden flower!! and he managed to get a few free gift from the counter..
new addition to the lolita collection
and im now a happy and satisfied girlfriend!!
p/s: honey, get me midnight and L fragrance next!! along with the enchanted bath set, rozy glow blusher, miniature collection and all the limited edition bottle.. pleaseeeeee~~!! :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

forbidden flower

chewah tajuk mengancam abis.. heheh this post is dedicated to my love honey busuk... tho this is soooo outdated, bdk tu bising2 soh update jugak!!

anyway, i got a new Lolita Lempicka parfum for my anniversary.. weeee~~ im soo excited cause they are not selling this in Malaysia :( honey bought this in Dubai.. TQ honey muahs muahs!! len kali pegi belikan i "L" pulak.. one set pleaseee!!!

owh im soo in love with Lolita!! honey pls get me all those limited editions by Lolita Lempicka for my bday can eh?