Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ECO program = FUN!

im back from a tiring but fun weekend at the Palace Beach & Spa resort, Mines.

its weird but i really enjoy the team building over the weekend.. must be because their activity is totally different from what i expected.. we had amazing race and samurai warrior challenge on day 1.. saboteur, Mission 35 and Puzzle on Day 2.

Amazing race - the most tiring activity but i love it.
Samurai Warrior challenge - this is super FUN!! hahah unfortunately, no camera allowed during this activity.
Mission 35 - some sort of military game where our mission was to retrieve the stolen cd that contain very critical information on our organization. Its a strategy game.. seriously, its a complex game..
The Saboteur - we have to complete a maze. was told that one of us have to play the role of a saboteur and sabo the completion of the maze.. this is fun. we can point out who we think is the saboteur and send them to jail!
Puzzle - the easiest and simple game. I think we managed to complete the puzzle in record time - 5 mins.

owh.. cik abang was forced to send me to the resort.. satu sebab rasa2 cam boleh sesat.. and satu sebab malas nak drive.. anyway, terima kasih honey~~! muah love u!

the program was supposed to end at 5pm on Sat, tp abis lambat sikit.. so our movie marathon was delayed.. instead of watching 3 movies as planned, we managed to catch 2 - confession of a shopaholic and Marley & me..

review? nantilah.. im sleepy so gudnite!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


inilah hasil fake roses saya.. boleh tahan rasanye.. i've finished all the paper i bought last weekend.. total result? 210 roses for RM18.60.. the box is full now.. need to find more box and buy more paper..

owh because i was so excited looking at the beautiful flower in the box.. i skip my workout for a week so that i can fill the box with my roses.. kene buat double la next week~~

off for the weekend.. esok tak keje.. i have to attend team building in Palace Beach & Spa Resort, Mines.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bloody vegas

i was planning to update the picture of my fake flower.. but now i just need to vent out my frustration..

i was reading my email and found out that AirAsia has promotion for all route.. and when i checked out the price to Perth for 2.. it was only RM1302.. wow i was really happy.. i ask honey if we can go to Perth for our honeymoon, he said later as he has work to do..

after work, i asked again.. he said Perth doesnt seems to be that interesting.. so i suggested Gold Coast.. i know they have lots attraction.. and it cost 1626.. its a good deal as Na got hers for 1500 due to the free tickets promo.. and he said.. 7 days is too long.. apa pegi jauh2, buang beribu riban.. setakat nk stay for 3 days.. baik aku blk g ipoh.. holiday je kat rumah..

then after some time, i asked him again.. is it ok.. he said "sabor.. sabor.." after an hour.. i gave up and told him.. its ok, we can go anywhere cheap like krabi or bali.. and he never reply.. an hour later, i buzz him again.. and he told me he is watching Vegas? wth?? i was waiting like an idiot, and he's taking his sweet time watching that stupid show!!

so i made my decision.. im not going to go anywhere for my honeymoon.. let's just stay home and watch LAS VEGAS! nak sgt.. amik!

ur effort after whatever happens after i found out u r actually watching vegas doesnt count.. dh tau aku marah baru sibuk2 nk decide nk g gold coast.. its too late.. sekadar nak kasi aku cool down.. tlg la, trick dh basi.

so in the future.. if u happen to come back to an empty kitchen.. u know why.. coz the bloody desperate housewife series is soooo much more interesting than cooking dinner for u

Monday, March 23, 2009

Aussino oh aussino~

We’ve made it to the SALE!!! Yeeaayyy~~

Okay.. the reason I wanted to go in the first place is to get myself a brand new simple white bedsheet for the Day.. unfortunately they only have the basic white cotton.. I love the gold bedsheet, it felt so good against my skin.. sob sob.. maybe next time I will get that for us..

They have a lot of lovely pattern for quilt cover and limited queen size bed sheet :( saya nak bedsheet la.. BEDSHEET!! Ishhh..

Eventhough they don’t have what I really want.. hehe we managed to get a few things from the sale..

What we bought?
3 bedsheet.. one for me, one for honey and one for cek metot.. i couldn't resist to buy one for her because they have soooo many beautiful pattern for single bed...
3 bath towel.. i love the color.. kalau ikutkan hati.. mau je beli semua color yang ada..
2 hand towel..

and this is what honey bought for me in Dubai.. tp macam boleh jumpa kat sini jugak la honey.. anyway, i love it.. thank you muah muah muahss!! saya cume pesan suruh dia beli tang and lots of jewel choc.. hehe they have so many tangs in different flavor.. amat best!!

and we've picked our wedding cake design.. tinggal mau tempah saja lagi.. akan disettlekan esok coz today i work from home.. hehe bangun lambat and feeling soo lazy to drive to office.. working from home means checking my email every 5 min in case there's new ticket.. surfing the net.. mainly facebook ;p played yahoo games.. and making my fake roses..

progress so far

things to do over the weekend..
1. finalise our cake design..
2. find ideas on decorating our room.. i roughly have an idea on the dressing table deco, color palette.. i need to start looking for a really cute frame, choose a picture and find a really cute mini couple bear.. saya mau pinjam vase tepi tv itu boleh tak? sempat tak nak catch that Aussino sale eh?
3. start making my fake flower..
4. find tutorial on making fake petal? tak jumpa la!!
5. look for idea on guest book..

okayla.. mari buat fake roses people!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

alamak, there's still so many things to do and i have only 6 months++ to do it.. how lar? i need to speed things up...

things to do over the weekend..
1. finalise our cake design.. owh wait, need to wait for honey to come back to review all the design i love.. or is it too much if i order a few cake for my reception? hihi
2. find ideas on decorating our room.. i roughly have an idea on the dressing table deco, color palette.. i need to start looking for a really cute frame, choose a picture and find a really cute mini couple bear.. saya mau pinjam vase tepi tv itu boleh tak? sempat tak nak catch that Aussino sale eh?
3. start making my fake flower.. excitednye~~
4. find tutorial on making fake petal? so far i cant find any..
5. look for idea on guest book.. i want personalized guest book~~ but maybe takde pun takpe.. bukan semua org tulis pun.. ill mule over this and decide later..

things completed so far
1. hall - Silveritage
2. photographer - JanggutTouch

2 jer? sob2...

still in progress
1. wedding package 20% done.. we've book a wedding package. item including hall deco, makeup, wedding dress. need to meet the wedding planner again to discuss and finalize the package.
2. mc.. we called the mc, but we didnt do any booking.. hehe will confirm when we go back to ipoh again
3. hantaran.. i would say im 70% done
4. favors.. will be confirmed in 2 weeks time..
5. pelamin.. 20%? i've bought the flowers je.. haha
6. baju nikah and tunang bought.. tinggal nk buat je..

to do list
1. find a caterer
2. wedding invitation
3. bridal room
4. pick wedding songs.. any suggestion people?
5. wedding cake
6. guest book - tatau nak ke tak benda nih..
7. cari orang tuk record the event..
8. cari budak kecik for flower girl.. as of now i have one in my list.. ish tak bestnye familyku

did i miss anything in the list? good luck to me..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can u identify this flower?

i found a tutorial to make a paper flower yesterday and i totally fall in love with it.. so today, i made this in the office.. haha i was bored with nothing to do, so i try making them using a normal used A4 paper and tada~~

not bad for a beginner eh? i gave this flower to Kuek.. hehe
since the flower turned out great, i'm thinking to decorate the bridal room with this handmade flower.. what do u think honey? i tried making them using a harder and heavier paper and here is the result.. heheh im loving it!!

after my jog, i made another 6 since i've ran out of paper.. but oooo i soo love it.. although i think the paper is too hard.. ill find a different kind on the weekend.. if i can drag my ass and go out~ malas nak drive!!

cantik dok? and if i can find some ranting2 to attach them to.. amat cantik.. so what do u think?

on a totally different note, after slacking for a week hehe i started jogging again today.. yeay!! adeh i need motivation to keep me moving tomorrow..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Watchmen anyone?

We went to watch the superhero film directed by Zack Snyder, The Watchmen. I must say I don’t like the movie. Seriously, when I found out that it was based on a comic book, I expected something fun and exciting like Transformer or Ironman. I’m practically yawning all the time during the last hour.. hahaha
For the record cik abg Maliki was the one who suggested that movie. Knowing his track record in picking movies, I actually asked him if the movie is good, and his reply was “Review kata 4 stars”. next time, we’ll go with my choice of movie ye cik abang sayang ;p

Anyway, here’s the superhero character you will see in movie. From top left:
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Edward Blake / The Comedian - Danny Duquette plays the bad superhero..
Jackie Earle Haley as Walter Kovacs / Rorschach – Our favourite hero!!
Malin Akerman as Laurie Juspeczyk / Silk Spectre II
Patrick Wilson as Daniel Dreiberg / Nite Owl II
Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias
Billy Crudup as Dr. Jon Osterman / Doctor Manhattan - weirdo~! he walk around naked

I will not recommend this movie to anyone, but those who plan to see this movie enjoy~

My to watch list:
The curious case of Benjamin Button
Marley & Me
Fast & Furious 4
Transformer 2
The confession of a Shopaholic

Let's go for a movie marathon once u're back honey... Marley & Me and Benjamin Button plss~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i was supposed to go meet my wedding planner next week to review a few things in the package.. and the clever bf just agreed to go to Dubai this weekend..
im pissedit was last minute plan.. he was told to go today.. 4 days before he depart..his point = takde org boleh pegi.. so what? next time when the same thing happen.. he'll be the first choice as he can never say no..he didnt call me to inform/discussed with me before he said yes..i wouldn’t be so pissed if he discussed it with me first.. i may not be happy but at least i feel important that he care to discuss thing with me first before making decision..
apa? tak important ke nak g plan wedding sendiri? if thats the case, ill go back to my boss and tell him i can always postpone the wedding.. the boss just ask me earlier today if im willing to go to UK for 4 months.. going to UK is in my top list after the US outstation after all plus bukan hari2 org nk offer g UK.. if i say no today, i might have to wait for years? or maybe forever for 2nd chance..
seriously.. i shud tell my boss the wedding is postponed.. happy now?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Honey went back to Terengganu for Pok Syah wedding plus to have discussion with his family about our wedding.

Conclusion after the discussion:
We might need to add more dulang to our hantaran as the one we have doesn’t include Sirih Junjung.
Kak Na & family managed to convince his parent to come and see my parents before the wedding. “Kalau tak jumpa, macam takde mak ayah and adik beradik” is the words used. So I will be getting one extra ring for Merisik.

Erm, looks like a lot of plan needs to be change. Will mule over the hantaran issue and come up with a solution to stick to the plan. And I will have to go to Terengganu, to meet up and get to know the family and to decide on a few minor thing.

Monday, March 2, 2009


haven't been doing any planning for the past few weeks.. eh, haven't been thinking about the wedding for the past few weeks would be more like it.. i've been busy with work, TXU is giving me headache everyday for the past few days with all the failure in the system...

now back to business.. i am thinking to buy my own material for my wedding dress so that i could keep it for memories.. i am thinking about it, haven't really decided to actually go through with it..

before i make up my mind, i need to survey if i would be able to find the material to my liking. i went to gulatis since the banner says it's having a 50% discount on all items.. shocking when i found out that even after a 50% discount, i will only get a meter of french lace for a months salary.. heheh nak makan angin je ke sampai wedding day? we need to do more survey. next destination will be Jackel although i'm not sure when we will have the time for this.. hopefully before going back to Ipoh~~