Monday, July 27, 2009

O.R.B.I.N.G is F.U.N!

we spent the weekend in Tasik Titiwangsa.. i loveeeee orbing and am sooo gonna do it again!! u, jom pegi lagi!!

unfortunately we dont bring any extra clothes so we don't try the wet ride.. uhuh next time eh honey?

Monday, July 20, 2009

acne oh acne

after further research.. hihi just to prove i have lots of time now..

here is the list of what causes pimples
Increase production in hormones “androgens”
Pregnancy > not applicable to me yet ;p
Certain drugs > not taking any drugs now
Greasy cosmetics > been using the same cosmetics..!
Changing hormone levels
Stress > major reason cause i've been sooo stressed the last 2 weeks.. tp before? sapa nk jawab?
Poor hygiene > mandi 2-3 times a day.. cukup dh tu.. bantal busuk pn dh basuh, bedsheet dh tukar.. blanket dh cuci!
Increased oil production > apa nk buat to reduce oil production?
Inflammation Pollution > HAZE.. H.A.Z.E!! benci.. i cant even see the lamp post outside..
An improper diet > kurang mkn apple but ate lots of durians, manggis, rambutans and yesterday one whole cempedak!
Clogged pores

for u guys who are experiencing the same issue,

10 tips for preventing acne
1. Keep your face clean. Wash your face gently with your clean hands or a very soft cloth, rinse well and dry with clean towel
2. Moisturize. Always hydrate your skin with water before moisturize it
3. Try over-the-counter acne product. Choose product with ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Beware when using this product as benzoyl peroxide can cause redness, scaling of your skin and it could bleach ur clothes, towel and hair
4. Use make up sparingly. Avoid foundation, powder or blush during breakout and choose oil-free/water based product
5. Watch what u put on ur hair as it can drip on the face - blocking ur pores and irritate the skin
7. Stay out of the sun.
8. Feed your skin. Avoid greasy and junk food. Eat more veggie, fruits and whole grains to ur diet.Food responsible for acne breakout include: Saturated fat, caffeinated foods, iodine in seafood, alcohol, processed foods, red meat, refined sugars and carb
9. Excercise daily to reduce anxiety and boosts blood flow throughout ur body.
10. CHILL!! honey sila settlekan all our wedding preparation.. i takleh stress hihi...

Last but not least, to those who cannot resist to squeeze your pimple like me,

How to squeeze a pimple properly?

1. Steam ur face as it widens ur clogged pores and soften skin. Steam for 10-15 or hold warm washcloth to ur face for a couple of minutes
2. Wash ur hands before squeezing
3. Use gauze pads around ur fingers. Squeeze only if it has a pus-filled center
4. Squeeze gently each side of the pimple to force the pus to the center
5. Wash your face again after squeezing and do facial mask. Clay or mud musk work best to remove excess oil and shrink enlarged pores
6. Apply healing agent. Refer to #3 in 10 tips for preventing acne.

Happy experimenting!

beauty tips?

i am in desperate need of beauty tips on how to reduce sun burn and prevent pimples breakout!! please help!sun burn made in KK tak hilang lagi!! tak percaya..? tu ha bukti.. clear giler line kat tangan ku!!

nnt g Krabi.. bertambah2 jelas la line itu.. help!!

pimples ku pulak time ni lah nak keluar.. selama2 ni duk memendamkan diri.. sekarang lepas satu2, macam gunung berapi dh aku tgk.. kalau tak kat dahi, kat dagu.. tempat sama je.. tension aku!! waaa!! gantung diri kalau time wedding pun muncul jugak boleh?

p.s: am blogging from office.. yes.. i have no work, boss is not in = ronggengggg!! la la la la~!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


satu kerana saya ada dua org colleague yg hampeh!!
dua kerana saya terpaksa bertungkus lumus settlekan kerja org lain sedangkan org lain tu sedap2 surf internet
tiga kerana mamat2 finance tu sebuk2 call/email selang beberapa jam.. macam mana aku nk buat keje kalau nk layan call2 dan email2 dorg tu..
empat kerana aku tak faham kenapa nk cc satu dunia nk tanya pasal status je.. kalau big2 boss boleh tolong settlekan issue tu aku tak kesah.. bongok!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project DIY #3

i've completed project #2, need to start with project #3..

Project DIY #3

i found this while browsing through craft blog and fell in love with it.. i have an idea where i can use this :) i like!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

dream shattered part 2!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. my dream wedding dress will stay as a dream!! sob sob sob.. turn out i was right, kak nana doesn't know how to make that dress.. sakit hati, sakit jiwa.. i want that dress!! i NEED that dress!! what pisses me off is the fact that i emailed her the picture last week and received no reply till today.. so i msg the husband asking for update.. kalau aku tak tanya, 2 hari before wedding baru nk inform ke apa? heee nak business ke tanak? tension aku!!

apa nak buat?

1. survey tailor kat sini?

2. cari design lain?

1. nak survey tailor bukan senang especially since hari raya is fast approacing.. i bet most of them will turn me down.. 2 months to hari raya and 3 months to my wedding.. sob sob.. the price is another issue.. maunye dorg nk 7-8 ratus for that beaded lace kan.. camtu wedding dress je dh 2k.. crazee eh mau spent like that for a wedding dress... kalau duit jatuh dr langit, aku g kat lynda rahim je.. dekat je ngn rumah aku ni.. senang!! honey, birthday present sy tahun ni g tempah baju kat lynda rahim boleh? hihihi

2. cari design lain? tamau tamau.. nak itu jugak.. dah berbulan2 aku survey tuk baju.. byk mmg la byk, tp semua common je.. kebaya labuh, kebaya pendek.. aaa buring buring!! i want something different!! aku kan jadi permaisuri sehari je seumur hidup.. i have a few other design im interested in tp aku tak rasa dia leh buat jugak.. so mcm mana? nak baju itew jugak!!

so kesimpulannye, saya perlu pulang ke kg halaman end of this month to decide on the caterer and menu.. and to finalize my wedding dress and to submit borang mak nenek all..

untuk menghappykan diri sendiri, here's my color palette for my akad nikah..


yes, we are not wearing white for akad because we want something different and my mom told me after na wedding "pls dont go for white for akad. it's soooo common nowadays. boring!" there's no particular reason on why we settle on teal.. i just went to EuroModa and fall in love with the chiffon.. haha owh and we have no intention what-so-ever when we set foot in that shop, terbeli aje.. kuang kuang kuang..

hehe.. saya hanya menurut perintah!

Friday, July 3, 2009

good vs. bad luck?

malang ke bernasib baik? u decide..
pagi tadi pegi gym as usual.. pastu masuk2 office lepak2, check email, facebook, ticket, etc.. sampai time lunch.. hehe ye saya tidak bz sekarang!! today decide nk lunch kat maybank sbb nk masuk duit kat asb.. on the way tu, rasa pelik.. satu sbb loceng gelang kakiku tak berbunyi.. dua sbb jalan kakiku terasa kosong.. bila aku tgk kakii.. my anklet is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! owh tidak.. cuak kejap..
with guilty feeling i called honey... lucky thing, he's in a meeting so tak leh ckp byk.. i just told him i got one bad news and pls, plsss dont be angry with me.. pastu dia ckp 3 patah je, nnt call blk.. suara tak yah ckp la kan.. gerun aku.. hihi..
then i continue walking towards maybank.. mind u, im so darn hungry eh after the workout and im craving for gulai tempoyak.. kepala aku toksah ckp la.. dok mengingat the things i did in the gym, locker room.. i kept repeating them on my mind.. i know i still have it this morning sbb lepas turun threadmill aku betulkan gelang tu.. sbb asyik bergesel ngn kaki.. painful ye kalau u're sweating like hell, mengikis2 kulit kaki!!
sampai kat cafe tu, aku cedok nasi.. amik gulai tempoyak (lalala~~) and bayar.. pastu rewind balik activity pagi tadi.. 1st threadmill, pastu stepper.. pastu weight training.. and lastly crunch..
then g locker, mandi2, keringkan rambut.. damn!! tak leh ingat la ada ke tak anklet tu masa mandi.. sbb tak senang duduk.. aku mkn mcm tgh masuk pertandingan sapa mkn cepat je.. haha tak nikmat langsung gulai tempoyak tu.. owh and tak cukup pedas.. tak best betul.. aku tinggalkan cik hawa and rush to the gym!!
sbb lif amatlah lambat (time lunch mmg camtu.. and tpm ni amatlah kedekut satu lif je setiap section!!), aku dgn bahagianye turun tangga.. check locker.. takde pape.. g gym dgn harapan takde org.. masuk2 je kemain ramai lagi.. aku plak dok la mengintai2 setiap pelosok gym tu.. ke hulu hilir cam org giler.. muka takyah ckp la tension giler.. mamat2 kat situ ingat aku dh gile ke apa.. malu aje!!
then pecut panjat tangga masuk office.. tujuannye nk check socks and if its not there.. amik kunci locker and check kasut.. aku buka je stokin yg busuk tu haha tada~~~~ terus jumpa my beloved anklet.. thank you God!!
aku ingat putus.. tgk2 elok je gelang tu.. terjelus masa tanggal socks.. ada ke patut? heee sakit jantung kejap.. plus i got an additional workout today.. running from maybank under the hot sun!! running up and down the stairs cam org giler.. result akhir? baju aku basah cam baru keluar gym... heeeeeee busuknye aku rasa.. haha seb takde org complain!!

inilah anklet yg membuatkan hariku kelam kabut harini..

so aku malang ke lucky today? emailkan jawapan anda ke hihi kesan sampingan kisah ini? saya menjadi mereng sepanjang hari! owh, pastu kul 3.30 jadi lapar giler.. so saya turun tapau nasi goreng ikan masin pulak.. heeee :D