Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mika: First fall!

Mika first fall was in his 7th month during his first holiday in Switzerland.. exact location dekat Vitznau sebelum naik Mt. Rigi!!

Sedih mengenang nasib kepala benjol!
masa tu baru lepas tukar diapers Mika atas bench.. Mika dengan happy pegi meniarap pulak.. sepantas-pantas mummy sambar kaki Mika, lagi pantas dahi Mika cium lantai... i can hear the loud thud followed by your scream! mummy rasa sangat guilty, kesian, risau, takut semua ada.. nasib la mikaman mummy ni kuat!! sangat nakal budak nih!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mika : Happy 1st Birthday Sayang!

Happy 1st birthday Mika!!

It's been a year, yet I feels like it was just yesterday when I first hold you in my arms. I remember the day you first smiled at me, your contagious smile are extremely addictive, melt my heart every time!! I found myself staring at you for hours just to see your happy smile.
Your name means sweet, cool and intelligent and it's a perfect fit for you cause you are the sweetest, smartest and coolest baby I've ever met. In this incredible year,you've become such an amazing little man.
I have many hopes and dreams for you, but above all I wish you health,happiness and success.

Love forever,

My lil monster!

Happy and cheeky lil monster!


p/s: kenapa cepat sangat Mika besar ni??