Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in pain!!

finally, i signed up with the gym!! and got myself a free personal trainer.. leh ke claim cenggitu? he's the instructor in the gym tp aku gatal2 minta dia ajar excercise2 baru yg aku tak nah nak wat.. heheh

since last week im buzy with organizing the comm event dinner, i missed my workout session for the whole week, my muscle is aching so much right now.. going to the toilet is a torture for me .. adeh la.. call me crazy but i kinda love the pain..

so with the gym membership, i've changed my routine.. now working out in the morning.. which means i have to get up early each day.. so that i can make it to work on time.. takde dh fikir2 nk rushing blk awal tiap hari..

next on my to do list - joined the kickboxing class.. i cant wait for Monday!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two lives, two hearts
Joined together in friendship
United forever in love.

Our day is fast approaching, and we can hardly wait! We hope that you'll be there to celebrate our flight. Be sure to save the date!

Monday, May 18, 2009

wedding checklist!

dah lama tak update pasal our wedding preparation..

i got my first ring on 9th May untuk merisik.. its a simple white gold band.. with a new pair of baju kurung.. hehe

wedding checklist
1. Townhall. booked. need to submit the booking form. things to be included: air-cond, PA system, stage light, 40 table and 400 chairs, chandelier.. should i get the rostrum as well?

2. Caterer - still searching..

3. Wedding package. checked - include pelamin, centerpiece, makan beradap backdrop, make up and decor. need to finalize on pelamin design. did i miss anything for the hall decor?

4. Wedding cake - ordered, payment to be made by Sept.

5. Mini pelamin - flowers, checked. lighting, checked. need to confirm with dad on the backdrop! do i go for fresh or dry petal? project DIY #2 is still in progress.

6. Wedding dress - baju tunang and nikah, checked. tunggu fitting je. baju sanding, 50%? hehe just bought the kain yesterday!! ill send it to the tailor once i joined the gym la kot.. hahah

7. Wedding songs - undecided.. anyone has any idea? i need a wedding song!!

8. Hantaran - 70% done.

9. Wedding ring

10. Photographer - booked. need to bank in the deposit. honey!!!

11. Guest list - this gives me headache!! still in progress.

12. Seating - waiting for no 11 to complete.

13. Invitation card - i have an idea of what kind of card i want.. but still looking for the best price.

14. Save the date - hiring cik metot for this project.. haha

15. Medical checkup - next 2 months?

16. MC - need to confirm with abg mahatir

17. Favors - item bought.. yes!! just need to personalize it a bit.. should i create our own monogram and attach it to the favors?

18. flower girl and flower boy. flower girl dress, checked. need to start searching for the headpiece (i have an idea for a DIY headpiece.. hihi) and shoe. as for the flower boy.. still looking for the best candidate.. as of now, icam tot tet is the lucky on.

19. itenary!!

ada apa2 yg tertinggal dlm list ni tak?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Day 2:
snorkeling day!! wee im soooo excited.. we all are.. bangun seawal2nye.. hehe.. pastu g 7e cari breakfast.. as usual, kalau bgn awal, kul 7 perut ku dh berbunyi :) once we paid off everything, we went to the speed boat.. pastu gaduh2 ngn mamat situ cause they got the package wrong.. we are short of 3 life jacket.. giler pe, we dont know how to swim, without the life jacket?? hish, tak timbul la semua hihi, bersemadi kat pulau manukan..

na and cawan have to go back to the counter to settle all the confusion, that is wasting 30 minutes of our snorkeling time!! the ride was rough but fun!! speed boat tu amat la laju, and the tide was strong, meloncat2 kat dlm boat.. in that 20 minutes to reach Pulau Manukan, biqque sempat la menangis takut haha..

excitednye pasal, semua org terus terjun laut.. hehe the best part? metot terjun bersama handphone nye.. so clever, she remembered to pass me her watch but totally forget bout her handphone in her pocket.. phone merajuk la tu kot cause she planned to buy a 2nd phone hahah rasakan!! leh ternak ikan dh dlm phone dia, screen penuh ngn air.. that shows how excited we all are!!

kat Manukan tak best la snorkeling.. seriously, the ikan2 is so little.. i managed to see sekumpulan ikan todak, and a few other yg tak dpt dikenal pasti.. and one little blue fish.. ceh buang karan..

after 3 hours, we went to Pulau Sapi. this island is soo much better than Manukan, seriously Manukan Island is soo overrated!! sempat melantak black pepper prawn biqque bawak, leftover from their dinner.. SEDAP!! i swim with little nemo in Sapi Island!! yeay.. owh im soo gonna get a nemo once we are married honey!! tak sabarnye!! and i love this Ogos fish, so colorful. its blue and yellow and green tho i dont think i have ever seen it in any petshop before.. byk kedai ikan aku dh masuk ye, kene drag ngn mamat tu.. hee busuk ;p

owh and since the weather was ok, no sun as it's drizzling.. we skip the sunblock.. tak tau plak kalau takde sun still boleh dpt sunburn.. so the result, semua org dh mcm ke*&ng, hitam bagai.. hehe

after 6 hours of swimming with the fishes, we went back to Jesselton Point for lunch.. lapar giler dh we dont even care if the food doesnt look that good.. everything taste delicious to me at this point.. hehe owh air kat KK amatlah mahal.. cost me rm2 for limau ais..

after lunch, we came up with another idea.. pool crash everyone.. take note, tune hotel takde pool and since mecure hotel sebelah tu je and is accessible via one borneo shopping mall.. apa lagi.. from Jesselton Point.. basah kuyup lagi.. redah shopping mall tu masuk hotel Mecure.. kids please dont try this stunt on ur next holiday ye.. hehe we are daring enough cause our dear fren is staying there.. kah kah kah.. pak cik2 jaga pool usha slack je kan.. tp wat2 tak faham..

sbb basah lagi, tak sabar nk masuk kolam.. biqque test air.. mak aih sejuk giler.. rasa cam mandi kat air terjun plak.. tp sbb dh merempuh bahaya masuk hotel tu.. terjun je la!! masa ni muka semua org dh mcm lobster.. hihi..

sekali lagi, dgn basah kuyup berjaya keluar hotel ngn selamat!! yeah.. balik bilik siap to the next adventure.. SHOPPING!! in Philipine Market.. hehe im going crazy looking at all those pearl and crystal.. tp cik abg ckp kat Gaya Market lagi murah.. end up belikan my mom a pearl bracelet + tiger eye brooch.. one pearl earing for me and metot..

then we had dinner in the pasar malam next to Philippine Market.. mee sup dia sedap giler.. once we're full we went back to the hotel.. the plan was to go to Borneo Rainforest.. nama mcm menarik giler.. the entrance fee is RM8 per head.. the place was quite nice, but small.. binatang pun tak byk.. tp sbb dh bayar.. snap la gambar byk2.. tp honey spoil plak.. time2 ni la nak sakit perut kan.. tak dpt amik gambar atas rumah kecik tu..

ok lah.. itu saja cerita untuk 2nd day in KK.. esok sambung lagi.. mari tdo semua...

Things I did in KK

Day 1:
We depart from KL around 9.30 and landed at 12.10. Once we got our rented car, we headed straight to Lok Kawi Wildlife Center. The entrance fee is RM10 for adult and RM5 for children. This is where I found out that we have a children travelling with us hehe En Ameer is 17 and is consider as underage!! Saves us RM5 wkaka..

They have lots of animals here : orang utan, tiger, rhino, proboscis monkey..etc the org utan was very entertaining, giving us lots of difference post. I particularly love the talking bird, not the burung kakak tua.. I spent about 15 min or so talking to the bird alone.. hehe they greet me and said goodbye when I was about to leave.. sweet!! I want a talking birddd!! And the proboscis monkey? They gave us a very dirty welcome gift – one of the monkey peed as we are taking a closer look at them!! Luckily no one was hurt, urghh I hate to think what we would do if… eww!!

Then we went to Jesselton Point to book our snorkeling package. Oohh I cant wait for this. Ive been waiting for this for almost a year! We watch sunset in KK Waterfront, it was beautiful tho I can’t find any interesting picture to show us. Honey and me are still in learning process hehe.

Later we checked into our hotel – Tune hotel and guess what.. their room is basic room, meaning no air cond, no tv. They only provide us with 5-star bed and power shower. I must say the bed and shower are marvelous. We top up each room with air cond. Honey cant live without TV and subscribe to them heheh they are only showing TV1, TV2 and NTV7 kah kah kah.. not worth it la cik abg sayang!

Finally, it was dinner time!! Weee, seafood! We went to Gayang seafood restaurant. You know what happen here I guess. Sotong goring tepung is a must, along with butter prawn and ketam masak cili.. yeah baby, I can eat like this everyday, although I have to workout harder.. hehe

Friday, May 8, 2009

back to work!

im back!! i had a wonderful holiday in KK.. i definitely will be going again someday..

pictures and stories on our KK escapade will be updated later.. too lazy to write and too buzy viewing all those pictures..

today's activity?
working on public holiday.. yes its Wesak Day today and im stuck in the office.. what a sad life..
other than that, will be having dinner with honey's family later and then off to Kajang

tomorrow we are going back to Ipoh.. family cik abgku nk dtg rumah merisik.. tukar plan as initially i told him we don't have to merisik2.. tp lain plak jadinye.. long story.. tapi im lucky as i will be getting additional ring dan sepasang baju baru.. yeehaa ;p

do come and visit this blog in another 3-4 days for pictures ok?