Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not bad eh?

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KK Adventure anyone?

weeeee... gumbiranye hati tgk countdown to KK tinggal 2 hari je lagi.. tak sabarnye.. hehe baju2 dh packing.. tinggal barang2 kecik2.. and esok dh start cuti.. yahooo!!! half day la tapi.. over plak amik cuti awal sehari.. dipaksa menghabiskan cuti carry foward last year.. hehe tu pun dh lambat.. we are supposed to use all before end of March, but since i'm a good worker.. i dont take leave.. hahahah puji diri sendiri.. bak kata honey "office tutup kalau aku tak g keje".. amatlah betul sekali ;p nasib baik leh minta extend till end of May.. TQ Pris :)

on my wedding preparation? slownye progress.. these few weeks tak byk benda yg disiapkan..
Progress #1: Door gift dh beli, but maybe kene topup kalau tak cukup.
Progress #2: Flower girl dress sudah dibeli.. in Melaka that day, i found this one shop with all the cute dresses for kids.. hee naik gile aku nk pilih.. and next to it, there's another one which are a bit pricey.. their design is soo nice but they dont have the color im looking for.. baju itu sudah ditested and it fit nicely kat si kecit Maisarah.. kemain happy dia.. siap boleh bincang2 ngn aku lagi pasal earing, kasut and head gear dia.. wah2, baru 6 thn dh leh jadi fashion consultant..

and since i'll be so buzy this month (with KK vacation, merisik n wedding to attend), i'll continue with my DIY project next month je lah.. hihi..

majlis merisik itu amatlah last minute, was informed bout it 2 weeks ago and i just told my mom bout it last Sat.. ingat tanak wat merisik2 ni, sekali family cik abgku nak wat jugak.. takpe la, i got myself one new ring jugak kan..

ok la, jom main sudoku!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I’m drained physically & emotionally. This whole week is hell for me, with tons of last minute work assigned to me. The stress is just to much I feel like I am about to explode anytime soon..

I just don’t get it.
I am supposed to do TXU full time.
I am supposed to work on the scomi report.
I am supposed to help May create those hierarchies in all 3 systems, assigned to me 10 minutes before my shift ends. For 3 days in a row!!
I was asked to create 20 infopackages for TfL in BWR and to create the process chain. Assigned 30 minutes before my shift ends. The next day, I was asked to create another 20 infopackage in BWP along with the process chain.
I was supposed to help monitor BP system since Jayne is on leave.

As if that was not enough, he asked me to fixed the error in the process chain for TfL. He is the one who is supposed to work on that as we junior consultant was not supposed to touch anything in TfL.
He asked me to work on a ticket that was passed to him by Jon.
I was supposed to create the proposal on the new CR requirement for Danone.

I love my work. I don’t mind doing all except for the fact that pak cik JH was nowhere to be found today. He was not online, so I don’t think he’s working from home. He’s constantly comes 1-2 hours late everyday. Go back on time. Constantly whining about no work to do. When task assigned to him, he passed it to others. Yet, SY never pass any work to him. That is why I’m so pissed.

Maybe I should consider taking a long leave for my wedding and give headache to the boss..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i got punked

hampeh!! i just got punked today by Raymond and Tini no less..

they called me just to tell me that my car was clamped.. when raymond told me, of course i dont believe him cause he do that all the time when he knows i parked illegally at the back.. but today, he passed the phone to Tini and she was so convincing and serious..

the thing is i went straight to the Security office to pay them to unclamp my car.. after waiting for 10 min.. filling up the form, i found out that my car was not in the list.. shit shit shit!! then only i realize that they are just playing a joke on me.. and abg guard tu suruh g check my car cause he dont remember clamping a black honda jazz today.. hihi he gave me the office number for me to call if my car was really clamp..

my jazz was just fine.. the guard even follow me to my car.. hish memalukan ajer..

im soo gonna kill Raymond..!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my new toy!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


2 bad day in a week!! it sucks!!

smlm berlenang2 wat keje dr rumah.. monitor TXU and continue with SCOMI report yang panjang giler tu.. but i was excited since the connection to SCOMI is far better than when connecting from office.. it's a miracle la konon.. sekali screwed up monitoring pulak.. benci.. end up i have to talk to my lead in US.. apa ke benda lah.. since daylight saving, they are 11 hours behind and the date is confusing to me.. hish.. date kat laptop ku shows 16th but when i logged on to their system, it shows 15th..

pastu today, swee yong passed me another assignment for TFL.. hoping that i'll learn to create ABAP Routine plus creating process chain.. of course this excites me.. bkn selalu dpt peluang ni.. mostly ill be doing support..
i understand the instruction clearly!! create all infopackage in BWR and create the process chain in BWD..
bila dh siap.. aku pn dlm mode nk balik.. excited nk g Sg Wang ni.. dia tanya "have to created the process chain in BWR?"
i am confused.. its supposed to be created in D kan? saje nk kasi hatiku tak senang.. pastu dia buat muka disappointed gile sambil suruh aku blk.. seriously, i dont feel good, kept thinking of the whole situation on the way home..

then sampai rumah, when i was about to msg honey to tell him im home safe and sound.. hp ku takde.. tinggal kat office la tu.. i login and get Hawa to check for me.. lucky thing i left it in the drawer.. kalau rajin, mlm karang aku plan nk g amik.. kalau tak.. esok je la.. i can leave without my phone for a day..

ok.. off to Sg Wang to grab my new toy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More books please!

Honey can we go to this sale? Pleaseee~~

MPH Distributor Warehouse Sale

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i finished reading "Where Rainbows End", and on with the next one "If You Could See Me Now".. adeh pasni takde buku nk baca dah.. sob2.. nak buku baruuu!!!

owh ada beverly hills and betty.. mari menonton tv~!!

Note to Honey: I baru dpt Ikea nye catalogue.. damn!! the black photoframe i bought in Jusco tu, RM 16 je kat Ikea.. sakit hati!! tapi kita tak nampak pun frame tu kan last week?

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Productive Week~!

i've been buzy with work, working out, reading Cecelia Adhern "A Place called Here", playing Sudoku and finishing my Wedding DIY project #1.

1. I hate working in normal office hour, if u called 7.30 - 3.30 normal.. yes i can go back early everyday and i have lots of time to do lots of thing before bedtime.. but i hate waking up at 6 everyday, leave at 6.35 and still manage to get caught in the traffic. the nearest parking is available when i reached office but all i do all day is yawning.. it seems that everytime ppl greet me, im yawning.. maybe i should start my work from home and drive to office around 8.30.. good idea eh?

2. i've successfully run for 50 min and do weight training for 30 min for 3 days last week.. yeay!! i tell myself to workout 5 days a week but i find that im especially lazy to workout on Tuesday nite cause of "Beverly Hill 90210" & "Ugly Betty" series.. hehe and went to IKEA with honey on Wednesday~~

3. I love the book, it was a bit slow in the begining but i found myself glued to the book after the first few chapter. i think everyone went thru the same thing, losing things and unable to find them till today.. i know i have!! and right after finishing the book, i lost my blusher.. freaky eh? in my case, the blusher is hiding in the secret compartment of my makeup bag.. hehe i found it after 2 days of searching..

4. Sudoku.. Sudoku.. I loike!!
Caution: Do not play the game before bedtime or u will have hard time to sleep.. i know this coz my mind wont stop thinking bout numbers + where to put them..

5. finally, i completed my DIY project #1. need to start on DIY project #2. honey SSF jom!!!

this week plans?
continue with my workout, finishing Cecelia Adhern "Where Rainbows Ends" and waking up at 6 everyday! waiting eagerly for my Melacca trip!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mimpi yang indah??

sleep are hard to come by these days.. so used to go to bed at 2am, im struggling to sleep earlier nowadays.. pastu TXU request for me to be in office at 7.30.. adoii!! knowing the bad traffic condition on MRR2, i have to go really early.. 6.40 pn dh jam.. ish, saket jiwaku!

4 hour sleep is NOT enough to get me through the day la.. masuk office je ngantuk giler.. smlm try tido kul 11.. end up tdo kul 12 lebih.. ok la tu.. and tidoku dihiasi mimpi2 merepek.. hahah

somehow, all the servicedesk are there with me.. kat kg dan hujan turun dengan lebatnye.. banjir besar melanda kampungku.. abis kete kesayanganku tenggelam.. sob sob sob pastu bila aku call cik abgku bgtau dia kg banjir.. dia tak caya.. and gelak2 kan aku.. boleh? hahaha nasib dlm mimpi, kalau dlm real life dia gelak camtu.. siap!!

sekian, terima kasih

Monday, April 6, 2009

We've finalize the package with our wedding planner.. fuh lega.. final package cost around 5500.. in future tatau la ada benda nk reduce lagi ke tak..

my mom suggested for us to rent the chair covers from someone she knows.. which cost around RM2 each.. good idea.. sbb ngn our planner kene around RM3 each.. kene suruh mak g check dulu la ada ke tak kaler yg aku nak tu.. i could save around 200.. sikit but i can use that money for sumthing else..

then baju.. tak finalize lagi.. mainly because i want to check the cost for making my own dress.. kerana tak puas hati.. kakak ku request for a new dress dlm RM200 je additional charge.. kami kena RM600.. apa kah? serious merepek..

and yeay.. ada good news.. townhall is available for booking from July onwards~~ skrg tgh pertimbangkan nk tukar venue ke tak.. if we go with Silveritage.. its gonna be a bit crowded for 400 ppl~~ and if we change our venue.. 400 burn begitu aja.. tp kalau lucky.. dpt half of that deposit tu pun dah happy.. so mcm mana?

ok.. time to work!~ im working morning shift this month.. mengantuknye~~!!